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Radiolink meets “More than Expectations”, proven through their full and incredible range of  capable products! Including their game changing Transmitters. The pistal grip RC8X, RC6GS V3, and RC4GS V3. Also check out their Balance charger CB86PLUS, flight controller PIX, and Mini Pix, M8N GPS SE100 and TS100, and altitude hold by inertial navigation mini racing drone F121, and 3D aerobatics fixed-wing A560…they all simply perform!

What Radiolink offers to the Jump Challenge PRIZE POOL

In the Final jump challenge (in August) Radiolink will provide a New Transmitter and Reciever. The RC6GS V3
In the July Challenge the Winner will get the RC4GS transmitter/reciever
Also through out all the challenges, Radiolink is offering a 24$ coupon toward purchase on AliExpress, given to all the main, and best in show winners. Nice!

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